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Plate Punching & Marking Automation

JSW has commissioned plate punching and marking machines at their plate and rolls mill more than a decade ago and wanted to bring the existing automation system over a digital operations platform that will allow them to manage punching and marking operation thru a single software platform. One of the most challenging aspect of this project was the integration of machines and automation system over a common platform with minimum information available on the existing system and punching/marking machines protocol.

CSI automation and software engineers embarked on a daunting task of gathering and assimilating available information on machines & automation system and design and integrated solution that will support legacy punching & marking machines of various makes, integrate with multiple versions of Siemens PLC and most importantly have an real-time integration with SAP for getting punching/marking operation done thru data available from SAP directly.

The project was successfully deployed and commissioned at the factory. Few highlights of the solution given below:    

  • Machine Integration

    Machine communication was achieved by implementing integration solution using proprietary protocol of the machines and seamless integration with Siemens WinCC and CSI application

  • Automation Solution on Web-based platform

    One of the unique feature of the deployed solution was all the functional modules for automated punching and marking operation was delivered as a web-based application for all production units   

  • Multi-facet Integration Capabilities 

    The solution supported communication with PLCs over both OPC DA and native S7 protocol, communication with machines over serial & ethernet and Rest API based data exchange mechanism with SAP and between operational modules     

  • Advanced templating feature

    Capability of defining custom punching and marking templates gave enormous flexibility to JSW in managing customer order specification 

Project Info

  • ClientJSW Steel Limited
  • What it solvesLegacy integration challenges with proprietary machines, multiple PLC platforms, real-time SAP integration for production management - all this over a common web-based platform
  • Technologies InvolvedSiemens PCS7/WinCC/TIA, OPC, S7 native communication, .NET Core & Rest API service layer
CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution
CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution


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