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Dairy Plant MIS

The ability to deliver information in real time so as to close the time gap between the production processes and the management decisions is the foundation of today’s systems. CSI’s expertise in implementing such systems at all levels from data capture from the plant, data logging and historian systems through interactive web-based client solutions ensures that our customers realize the full potential of their investment in this technology.

CSI continues to be a trusted partner to large Dairy EPCs like GEA, Siemens, IDMC, Tetrapak etc. for implementing manufacturing reporting solution for their dairy projects. We have commissioned numerous dairy MIS projects for large end-customers like Amul, Motherdairy, KMF, Schreiber Dynamix, Uttam Dairy etc. Key highlights of the solution as as follows:  

  • PLC/SCADA Integration

    Ensuring integration and data-logging from any PLC/SCADA system using OPC as well as native drivers and protocols as per site requirement. Also support redundancy and various deployment architecture for a single or multi-plant deployment

  • Machine Integration

    Whether the need is integration of platform weighing scales or Lab equipment or multi-function energy meters, our solution incorporates support for all leading industrial protocols (ModBus for e.g.), TCP and serial interfaces  

  • Flexible and Scalable Reporting 

    The solution delivers MIS reports over web-based platform for anytime-anywhere access to information. Our data modelling ensures optimized historian and reporting system that can be easily scaled-up to accommodate future expansions

  • Comprehensive Operations Control

    From automated milk receptions to transfers, CIP & production monitoring, product dispatch, utilities consumption and mass balance reporting - we cover all operational needs of the factory

  • Plant-floor to Enterprise Integration

    In-built SAP connector solution for taking plant-floor data to ERP, realizing full benefit of automation as well as SAP 

Project Info

  • ClientsGEA Process India, Siemens India, Tetrapak, IDMC and others
  • What it solvesDairy Manufacturing Information System allow data aggregation from multiple data sources over a common platform for operations monitoring and reporting of the complete plant on a web-based platform.
  • Technologies InvolvedIndustrial Automation protocols, OPC DA/UA, 3rd party Machine Integrations, Web technologies, Advanced Database Management, Network Security


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