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KeyBox and ValueBox from Creone

We are an exclusive partner of CREONE AB, Sweden for their keybox and valuebox series of intelligent key control and electronic storage box products in India. The Keycontrol series is the smartest KeyBox system with electronic key identification and management for tracking and control of each individual key. The key cabinets are administered via the KeyWin software which logs and saves all events.

The Keycontrol series is fully flexible and can easily be expanded to store anywhere from 14 to thousands of keys in just one key management system. In line with your growing needs, you can easily add more strips and key positions to your key cabinet or add more key cabinets to the same system.


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CREONE Key Management System

Smart Access Control
for key cabinets and lockers

We are an exclusive partner of Creone A.B Sweden, for their key cabinet and electronic locker products in India and can be used across industry verticals, like: Factories, Corporate Offices and their branches, Banks, Data centers, Hospitals, Government Building, Utilities, Defense Establishments and more.

With growing need of operational control and security anytime-anywhere, electronic key cabinets and lockers provide 3-Layer secure access to your keys and lockers, electronically without need of manual supervision with complete control and audit logs

Absolutely. Due to Creone Key-strips that can be easily added as your requirement grows, we can provide systems that can start with as less as 14 keys and can be expanded to manage hundreds of keys in future

No problem, our solution provide extensive set of Rest APIs that can allow integration with any equipment or enterprise systems for seamless integration and control.

Solution Highlights

Locked & unlocked key positions

The IntelliPin is available in two versions. Non-lockable pegs sound the alarm immediately if a key is removed without it first having been authorised via the KeyWin software. Lockable pegs go a step further and physically lock the key/peg into the strip

Access Code with Display

The cabinet offer keypad to enter access PIN and LCD display allow easy navigation and operations. The system also supports card based and biometric based authentication

Intelligent key peg

Each key-peg has unique ID allowing the KMS cabinet to function in fixed or a free position configuration. No need to worry about key positions now!

KeyWin IOT Platform

KeyWin6 is the latest version of the market’s most comprehensive administrative tool for securely managing keys and valuables.

KeyBox in various capacity as per your needs

Flexible Deployment

Electronic Safe and Locker