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IMPSONE – Cloud Platform for Milk Procurement

IMPSONE is a comprehensive set of cloud and mobile apps for end-to-end automated milk procurement, payroll and dairy supply chain management – available on a single platform for use by dairy cooperatives as well as private companies.

  • Supports all leading milk testing equipment – no need to change your existing hardware
  • Take control of the data – secure access to all data 
  • Common, standardized application, reports, workflow and data analytics for all users

Key Solution Highlights

ONE Platform

Single software platform for use by all stakeholders: IMPS Client App for societies Tanker App for vehicle contractors Farmer Services App for Vet. Doctors/Relationship officers, Milk Procurement & Payroll Management Portal for Procurement Officer & HOD, Milk Reception Portal for Dairy Plants, Consolidated data analytics and dashboards

Centralized Masters & Rate Management

Common portal for managing all stakeholders data and update rates as and when required with guarantee of new rates being applied automatically on field Centralized masters and transaction data allow faster and correct processing of payroll with minimal user intervention

Supporting all equipment

Our IMPS app at collection centers can be integrated with existing milk analyzer and weighing scales. No need to be dependent on a single vendor and flexibility of using any hardware as required – the software app will continue to work with all hardware and provide uniform common functionalities and data for all stakeholders

Producer Relationship

IMPSONE allows you to manage detailed producer information including member relationships within the supply chain. Farmer onboarding, milk payroll, veterinary services and financial aids can be managed and easy reconciled wit our comprehensive payroll processing system

Integrated Dairy Management System

We also offer complete IDMS platform solution for managing complete spectrum of your dairy processes as highlighted below:

  1. Milk Procurement, Logistics and Payment System
  2. Plant Intelligence Suite for production monitoring
  3. Core ERP modules for Finance & Accounts, Purchase & Stores, HRMS, Sales & Distribution
  4. Mobility solution for distributor management and secondary sales tracking

IDMS platform, also referred as “Digital Dairy” platform, is a seamless integration of automation solution for milk procurement, logistics, reception at factory, production monitoring and product dispatch.

Get in touch with us and explore numerous possibilities to transform your dairy business for end-to-end traceability, better management of business functions and overall optimization and cost benefit enabling competitive edge in the market.