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Retail & Delivery Automation for Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas is a key focus area for CSI and we started with CNG compressor automation for premier customers like Adani, GGCL etc. Backed by our expertise in PLC/SCADA and factory automation technologies, we executed numerous projects for CNG sector in retail automation, RO connectivity & surveillance and centralized hazard management systems.

We have experience of successfully implementing retail billing solution using Android POS at all gas stations of a major CNG retail company and recently designed and delivered innovative diesel delivery automation system to fuel entrepreneurs. 

We are well placed to deliver best in class technology solutions to Oil & Gas companies in retail automation, FCC, POS, KMS etc. and also in refineries in areas of process data capture, alarm management, OEE, predictive maintenance and practically any kind of industrial IOT solutions.

End-to-end platform for Fuel Entreprenuers/Resellers

Value-added solution for Dispenser Manufacturers

Fuelize Doorstep Delivery Platform

Unified OMS Portal

Partner and customer management, fleet registration, product and pricing, order scheduling and tracking, configuration, billing and invoicing

Ordering & Delivery App

Comprehensive Consumer app for easy ordering of fuel and services, tracking order and authorizing delivery. Similarly, robust Driver app for order fulfilment in compliance to PESO guidelines, payment collection and EOD recon.

IOT Controller

On-board IOT controller for dispenser integration, fuel level sensor, GPS and RFID/NFC based asset identification

Fuelize Retail Automation Solutions


Multiple COPT product options with spot billing and receipt generation, RFID AVI-based transaction, shift and inventory management and integration with FCC/SAP/Enterprise systems

Forecourt Controller

Industrial-grade, compact FCC with IIOT technology stack for open yet secure integration with forecourt devices and centralized monitoring, control & diagnostics built-in

Cascade Management for CNG

Full cycle Cascade order management, tracking and fulfillment, enabling actionable data capture enabling auto-orders and comprehensive CTV monitoring for logistics control and safety

RFID based AVI

RFID based vehicle identification and fuel dispensing solution with Consumer mobile app and FCC-integration AVI sub-system. Same controller can also be used for authorized jerry-can based fuel delivery. We also provide wireless RFID readers for dispensers.