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IOT Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications

We provide one-stop IoT product development services which comprises of IOT end-point devices and gateways selection (or custom development) with host of supported protocols & communication channels and robust IOT management platform based on AWS/Azure to provide high-performance solution with high availability of overall system.

Our IoT solution approach aims at providing a IOT platform solution that serves as a control hub for connected systems and processes. Being hardware and transport-agnostic, it can be easily integrated with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways, enabling many-to-many interoperability between them.

Through this interoperability and unified data sharing, the solution become very responsive in processing real-time events and capable to instantly react to different events or change in the system state with intelligent actions and behavior.

IOT Solutions

  • ManufacturingProduction Line Monitoring Predictive Maintenance Intelligent Warehouse Real-time Anomaly Detection Computer Vision based applications
  • Oil & Gas, EnergyFuel Bowser Automation Level Monitoring and Auto-Ordering Forecourt Controller Smart Metering Fault Detection Energy/Utilities Management Solar/Wind Monitoring & Control Tank Monitoring
  • RetailConnected Point of Sale, COPT Smart Inventory Supply chain Optimization Customer Experience Enhancement Hyperlocal Delivery Optimization
  • Government & InfrastructurePublic Surveillance Infra Monitoring & Control Parking Management Multi-modal Transit Disaster Prevention

Product Lifecycle

Our Product Development Approach

  • Design Engineering

    Our process/domain experts and IOT designers engage in understanding requirement and finalize specification of the envisage product

  • Rapid Prototyping

    We select appropriate SOM, design carrier board, power supply, write firmware and application program to prototype concept with the customer and get acceptance

  • Production, assembly and testing

    Execute production, assembly & testing with our ecosystem of partners for fabrication, 3D printing and injection mold production, PCB manufacturing

  • Deployment

    Manage large-scale deployments and training with tailored service execution processes and support infrastructure

  • Go-Live, Data Ingestion & Analytics

    Go-Live of IOT platform, IOT device onboarding, stream & batch processing, analytics, visualization and DEVOPS management for continuous ML/AI and analytics roll-out

End to end product development and long-term support

Tool & technologies

Wide rage of technology stack

CSI provide custom application development tailored to the client’s specific business process  requirements. Our application maintenance and support services are aimed at ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of your business system. The services include problems analysis, resolution and application enhancement as per changing business needs.

  • IOT Edge Device, Gateways and Sensors

    Development of custom IOT edge device or selection of readily available SOM/COM modules, Range of industrial microcontroller (ATMEL, SI, Ti etc.) and ARM SOM modules like NXP IMX7/8, Selection and integration of required sensors as per application requirement, All major RTOS, Linux and Windows IOT Core runtime/OS platforms

  • Communication Protocols

    Infrastructure: 6LoWPAN, IPv4/IPv6, Radio || Communication: Sub-1 & 2.4 GHz Radio, WiFi, BLE, LPWAN (LTE/NB-IOT/LORA) || Data Protocols: MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, REST API || Industrial Protocols: Serial, Modbus, OPC, BACnet, CAN

  • IOT Platform and Analytics

    - IOT Device Management - Data Management (SQL & NoSQL, Time-Series db) - Messages and Event Queue - Stream Processing and Analytics - Batch Processing and Analytics - ML & AI Services - Notification Services - Visualization and Reporting - IAM and Enterprise Connectors

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