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Transforming data to meaningful, actionable information

Batch/Real-Time data pipelines, streaming analytics and data integrations 

With more than a decade experience in churning huge amount of raw and process data in a automated shop-floor to provide operational and actionable information, our cloud-based analytics services is aimed at providing a robust and matured data platform to enterprises that serves as operation decision support system and allow delivery of better products and services to its customers.

Starting with traditional information architecture & modelling activities, we map key processes and data sources to a common data platform, on-premise or on cloud, setup data ingestion and data pipelines infrastructure and configure streaming and big-data analytics that start generating insights and alarms on real-time basis and ensure the information is conveyed to decision makers and available via Rest APIs to any 3rd party enterprise apps for further processing.

For example, our transformative solution,  using Apache Spark, deliver following innate capabilities, ensuring our customers achieve anticipated outcomes, today and tomorrow:

Our Approach

  • Information ArchitectureA good IA can help the machine or algorithm to better interpret the data, find patterns and ultimately learn.
  • Data CaptureCapturing data from any source, whether it is IOT data from sensors, process data from PLC and machines, unstructured streaming data from social media or transaction capture from POS and people
  • Resilient InfrastructureRight-sizing data infrastructure and its maintenance is important for any organization seeking to bring about a data-driven digital transformation. This also includes critical decision on use of products for say data lake or mechanism for real-time analytics
  • AL/ML multi-tech stackYour data and analytics solution should be capable of supporting multiple platforms, languages and interfaces that allow launch of a common solution enterprise-wide, dealing with multiple teams and systems.

Key Highlights

Optimally configured data integration protocols and infrastructure for high throughput

With solution deployed on AWs/Azure cloud, we ensure availability and scalability of deployed solution

Out-of-box support for running SQL-based queries for dashboards and reports, for easy adoption

Unified platform for all your ML needs, perform EDA on data or run your ML algorithm...seamlessly


We provide solution on proven product platforms trusted and relied on by more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies.


Open Source

Bring your data, we get the code and deploy on Kafka, Apache Spark etc. for all your data management and analytics needs