We walk through the complete journey with you
from ideation to implementation and support

CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution

Solutions Consulting

Understanding problem statement and required outcome, we design solution with right technology, viable cost proposition and assured ROI

CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution

Product Development

Utilizing latest technology stack and robust solution architecture, we delivery tech solutions optimally meeting functional and performance needs for today and scalable tomorrow

CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution

Managed Services

Multi-year product lifecycle management, on-site/offshore support and resource augmentation services

CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution

Enabling Digital Transformation
for sustainability & growth in this VUCA world

  • Digital transformation of manual processes, lifecycle support and tech upgrade for milk procurement operation for a dairy MNC in India  - a journey spanning more than 12 years and continuing
  • Ensuring service delivery to hospitals, pre & post Covid as well as during Covid phase, for a healthcare MNC 
  • Enabling safe fuel delivery at doorstep, reducing carbon footprint with end-to-end tech platform for Fuel Retail sector in India

15+ Years of experience


Services we’re providing
and Industries we serve

Our digital transformation services, automation and software solutions can be extended across industries for delivering customized product/services specific to customer requirement with long term support and timely enhancements as per changing business needs. Some of the key industries that we serve:
  -  Dairy and F&B
  -  Oil and Gas
  -  Pharma and Chemicals
  -  Discrete Manufacturing

TAP into CSI

CSI Technology Accelerator Program for You

Our Technology Accelerator Program is a consulting service for our customers enabling them to harness the power of technology to leverage and enhance what they do best, without getting caught up in managing the technology itself. We undertake a pragmatic approach toward understanding the problem, designing a transformational solution, selecting right technology and delivering digital solution on-time and at-scale.

We expertise in following solution domains:

  • Business Process Management
  • Application Modernization
  • Process Automation (Manufacturing)
  • Automated Identification and Data Collection
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • IOT product Development
  • Cloud Adoption

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CSI Computech - Shaping concept to solution

CREONE Key Management System

Smart Access Control
for key cabinets and lockers

We are an exclusive partner of Creone A.B Sweden, for their key cabinet and electronic locker products in India and can be used across industry verticals, like: Factories, Corporate Offices and their branches, Banks, Data centers, Hospitals, Government Building, Utilities, Defense Establishments and more.

With growing need of operational control and security anytime-anywhere, electronic key cabinets and lockers provide 3-Layer secure access to your keys and lockers, electronically without need of manual supervision with complete control and audit logs

Absolutely. Due to Creone Key-strips that can be easily added as your requirement grows, we can provide systems that can start with as less as 14 keys and can be expanded to manage hundreds of keys in future

No problem, our solution provide extensive set of Rest APIs that can allow integration with any equipment or enterprise systems for seamless integration and control.


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